“One shell of an oyster!”

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As we approach hurricane season we always start to prepare. This was our place in 1950. It was the only place left on Dock Street after the storm and a fire that followed. After storms things are always better and since Hermine last year clams and oysters are doing great so eat em up.
Happy Independence Day!!!  

On the water we call this amateur day. Help someone if you see them needing it. Be safe...and eat lots of clams and oysters.
"Find the way" is what the incoming Florida Cattlemen's Association's president Ken Grinner said last week as he ended their annual conference. I can't think of a better way to say it. As the amount of independent food producers decline each year that is exactly what we need to do. As food producers we need to educate the public and tell them how good the work we do is. We need to work with environmental groups and agree to disagree to protect our natural resources. Let's hope his leadership paves the way not only for the FCA but for all food producers.
The Boss Man let us have some time off so we fished. Hubert is taking the picture.
We hope everyone has a great weekend and eats lots of shellfish. Daniel Allen holding two bags of Pelican Reefs.

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