“One shell of an oyster!”

Cedar Key Seafarms

IMG_8804 (1024x683)Our family has been working on the water off the coast of Cedar Key, Florida since the late 1800’s.

We love the water, and value it not only for our livelihood, but also for its everlasting beauty and richness of life.

We are blessed to have the sea as our partner as we work together to farm raise amazing tasting, clean, high quality clams and oysters.  And, we do it in an environmentally sustainable manner. The uniqueness of our products lies in the extra steps we put into caring for them to perfect their taste, uniformity, and cleanliness. Our efforts better enable the Cedar Key waters to do their job of providing nutrition for growth and the quintessential flavors of the sea.

We are extremely proud of our clams and Pelican Reef Oysters. Once you taste them you’ll know why!