“One shell of an oyster!”


In 2012 we began farm raising our “Pelican Reef Oysters.” We named them after Pelican Reef, the beautiful location where they are grown in the pristine waters off the coast of Cedar Key. Our wonderfully sweet tasting oysters are firm with a deep cup and the perfect level of saltiness; everything you want out of an oyster.  They are so good you simply can’t shuck just one!

Pelican Reef Oysters.

Pelican Reef Oysters.

Pelican Reef Oysters are farm raised Eastern oysters (Virginica).  We sell them  at wholesale in the following sizes*:

  • Cocktail: 2-3 inch
  • Selects: 3-4 inch
  • Large: 4-6 inch

*Sold in 50 count bags. However, we are more than happy to accommodate different bag counts upon request.


Our Clams and Pelican Reef Oysters are available for retail purchase at the Salty Needle Quilt Shop (10a-5p Monday to Saturday) in Cedar Key at 434 2nd St, telephone: (352) 543-9779
If you are interested in home delivery, please contact us.

Our clams and Pelican Reef Oysters can be found at Steamers restaurant on Dock Street in Cedar Key and at other localities throughout the State of Florida.  Ask for them at your favorite restaurants and oyster bars.