“One shell of an oyster!”

Rowan Jacobsen reviews Pelican Reef Oysters

Posted on by Jolie Davis

georgraphy_of_oysters-bookFamed A Geography of Oysters author and oyster guru, Rowan Jacobsen, recently launched his fantastic new website called oysterater.com.  If you are an oyster connoisseur then this is the website for you.  It has a comprehensive list of oysters for you to investigate by location, type, growing method, etc.  It also provides for the opportunity to read and submit reviews. 

We were fortunate to have Mr. Jacobsen sample our Pelican Reef Oysters and write a wonderful review on them.  Check out the review here!

Because we seek perfection in our product, we immediately contacted Mr. Jacobsen asking him how we could earn 5 stars? He explained that our oysters are fantastic, but that he will only give an oyster 5 stars after it has proven itself at multiple tastings in different seasons throughout the year, similar to the New York Times standards for restaurant reviews.  We are up for that challenge, and can’t wait to send Mr. Jacobsen more Pelican Reef Oysters throughout the year.  We will keep you posted on when we earn that 5th star.  Many thanks to Mr. Jacobsen for his great review.


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